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Welcome to Financials for Office 365

Financials for Office 365 is an easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for small and growing businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.

This user guide is designed to help you understand how to use Financials for Office 365.

If you haven’t signed up for Financials for Office 365 already, click here for instructions.

Accessing Financials for Office 365

To access Financials for Office 365, all you need is a web browser and a working internet connection. If you’re a mobile user, you can download the Financials for Office 365 mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows.

Getting to Know Financials for Office 365

  • Dashboard - Provides an overview of your company's main receivables and payables, as well as providing KPI's based off entries and transaction made.
  • User Profile - Financials for Office 365 has over 25 pre-defined role centres available out-of-the-box.  Depending on what role centre is selected, the entire user interface is tailored to their daily needs.
  • Navigation Pane - Specific to the page you are on, and will present the lists/tables most relevant to your User Profile.  Whether this is a Sales Rep (customers, sales quotes/orders/invoices, items) or a Bookkeeper (Journals, Chart of Accounts, Budgets) just to name a few, the pane is modified for ease of use. 
  • Action Ribbon - Supplies the fastest access to relevant functionality whether this is creating an Order or Invoice, or viewing your most essential reports such as the Income Statement or Balance Sheet, the ribbon is customised according to relevant functionality and reporting needs tailored to the User Profile and section currently within.
  • Search - Enables you to find every List, Table, Action and Report depending on what you search.  Regardless of how specific or generic your search, all related results will appear.
  • Help - Available on every page throughout Financials for Office 365 with description of any page your are on.  The Help function also gives field specific descriptions in case you are ever in doubt of what a field means and what options there are to select from.
  • My Settings/Log Out - Allows you to select which company you wish to post transactions in (Standard/Premium Edition only).  You can also modify the Work Date from here for backdated entries you need to make as well as change the language and time zone and log out of the system.

Data Migration

Master Data 

Master Data records are essential business information that describes and supports transactional data within an accounting solution.  Master Data commonly describes customers, products, suppliers and more that are involved in transactions of a business.  To put simply, Master Data are Places, People/Parties, and Things. Financials for Office 365 treats this data as highly imperative in constructing a powerful accounting solution for our customers.

Lite Edition

Customers on the Lite Edition can move master data via manual input or through excel sheets to be imported into the solution as a package.

Standard Edition

The transfer of key master data from your legacy system to Financials for Office 365 is done through transposing data from your old system onto excel sheets used to import the data.  Each FLASH Setup Package has a corresponding master data package.


Filled Sample
Unpopulated Package

Basic Config


Filled Sample
Unpopulated Package

Job Costing

Filled Sample
Unpopulated Package

Service Management

Filled Sample
Unpopulated Package


Filled Sample
Unpopulated Package

Opening Balances

Historical Transactional Data

Sample Reports


Balance Sheet
Profit and Loss
Statement of Cash Flows
Movements in Equity


Customer - Detailed Aging
Customer - Top 10 List
Customer - Order Detail
Customer - Item Sales
Sales by Salesperson (Commission)


Vendor - Detailed Aging
Vendor - Top 10 List
Vendor - Order Detail
Vendor - Item Sales


Inventory - Sales Statistics
Inventory - Top 10 List
Stock Movement
Inventory Valuation


GL Accounting Transactions
Bank Reconcilliation Summary
Trial Balance


Activity Statement

Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset - Depreciation

Payroll (Coming Soon...)

Payroll Activity Summary
Paryroll Activity Details
Leave Balances

*You can also view any number of the 250+ reports with access to Financials for Office 365.

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