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Microsoft Dynamics ERP: GP vs NAV vs AX

Microsoft Dynamics ERP: GP vs NAV vs AX

How this might be relevant to you: you are here because you are probably looking at one of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP packages as a potential solution for your organisation.
The following are the three ERP software applications Microsoft purchased from the early 2000s and have since distributed successfully worldwide. This post should offer you a brief history into each solution.
We have not included Dynamics SL or Dynamics CRM in this post. We also did not include Dynamics 365 in this blog, but you can read more about it here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Dynamics GP product was originally developed by Great Plains Software in America back in 1993. Microsoft later purchased Great Plains Software in 2001 and was called Dynamics GP. GP was an upgrade path for businesses who have outgrown QuickBooks in the US before it was later sold in many parts of the world once Microsoft had 100% ownership of the application. It was traditionally sold as an on-premise solution, but it can be set up in your own private cloud.
Although still a product line, we are uncertain as to what Microsoft will do with Dynamics GP in the future. Microsoft has a strong focus and commitment to Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM (Dynamics 365 Sales).
Target market: small to medium sized businesses

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is a Microsoft accounting ERP application with integrated functionality across financial management, supply chain management, distribution, customer relationship management, service management, project management and job costing, warehousing, and manufacturing.
Navision originated in Denmark in 1984. In 2002 Microsoft bought Navision and have rebranded it to Dynamics NAV (NAV).
Financials for Office 365 (Financials 365) is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. We chose it as our base software due to NAV’s powerful functionality and scalability for a wide range of industries; Microsoft’s strong commitment in its ongoing research and development; and NAV is arguably the most configurable and innovative app on the planet with over 2 million happy users across Europe, America and the Asia Pacific regions.
Financials 365 revolutionised NAV to make it super affordable; incredibly fast to setup by making it possible to deploy within minutes; and have native connections with other Microsoft online apps. with tailored apps which partners and customers can download for their industries. Most importantly with Financials 365, you will always be on the latest version update.
Today Financials 365 is Microsoft’s premier cloud accounting software ISV partner in the world. Watch out for more exciting announcements in 2018.
Target market: small to medium sized businesses

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX was originally developed as a collaboration between IBM and Danish Damgaard Data as IBM Axapta. It was released in 1998 but IBM returned all rights in the product to Damgaard Data. Damgaard Data merged with Navision Software A/S in 2000 to form NavisionDamgaard, later named Navision A/S. Microsoft acquired the combined company in 2002.
In September 2011, Microsoft released AX v2012 which was made available in more than 30 countries with 25 languages. Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s flagship ERP solution which competes against the likes of SAP and Oracle in the enterprise sector.
Target market: enterprise businesses

In Summary

Each package has its benefits. What you decide to choose from here will depend on your needs, as well as your organisations.
If you’d like more information about Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics 365, and or Financials 365, contact our sales team below.