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Microsoft launches AppSource


Last week, Microsoft announced AppSource - an application store for business, and we're proud to say that the Financials for Office 365 app is one of the first to be featured!

Users can log on and evaluate a whole range of apps designed for Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Cortana Inteligence and the Azure platform, as well as add-ons, extensions and content packages for existing apps. You can search for product type, industry, or catergory. The apps cover a diverse range of uses, from Finance and Accounting (Financials), to Sales (Linkedin Sales Navigator) and Payments (Paypal).

AppSource already has a number of apps from developers and Microsoft Partners - with many more to follow. Microsoft confirmed it was likely that even rivals like SAP would have apps on the marketplace. So visit the AppSource website to download the Financials for Office 365 app today. 

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