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The Cloud for Productivity and Mobility for SMB and SME eBook

We all know that mobile devices are changing the way we interact, shop, and entertain ourselves in our free time. But the same revolution is happening within business; mobile devices and the cloud allow teams to work anywhere and anytime on device.

Did you know that up to 75% of SMBs use tablets for their work or that 97% of SMB IT professionals believe that anytime, anywhere access to data makes employees more effective?

The good news for small to medium businesses is that the cloud levels the playing field.


Now SMB can have the same level of secure business information as enterprise without the need for huge hardware costs that come with setting up a network. 

The Cloud for Productivity and Mobility eBook covers how the cloud can make your business more:
  • Productive: work anywhere, anytime on any device.  
  • Connected: thanks to the cloud, upload business data and information outside the office.
  • Efficient: only pay for what you use, and 
  • Agile: change your plan, add users when you need to. 
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