Small Business Tips

Make LinkedIn Work for You

Is LinkedIn not meeting your expectations? Disappointed with your growth on the platform? Thousands of businesses use this site, but how do you get ahead?
LinkedIn is the ultimate social media for a B2B business, with many B2B prospects using a company’s online presence as their initial touch point. However, there may be some things you can do with your company page to take full advantage of this platform.


Find New Employees
With the ability to see someone’s profile, their skills and experience, means you can find potential candidates online, and the criteria can be narrowed down considerably, for example number of years of experience, if you’ve upgraded to the premium service.
LinkedIn goes a step further however. Individuals can notify others if they are interested in finding new work, through Open Candidates. As a business, if you have LinkedIn Recruiter, you will have access to this information.
Use your employees
LinkedIn is all about your network. This is especially important for businesses, as who is in your network are the ones that are going to see your updates, the content you’re producing, and the direction your business is going in.
With this in mind, businesses should be looking to expand their network. One way to do so is to use your employees to expand the reach of the content that you post.
For example, if your company page was to post something, and an employee engaged with it, their network would be notified of the activity, ultimately increasing your network.

Increase Visibility
Having a LinkedIn account means you’ve created another platform in which to be located on. However, businesses can make sure that they are visible from the millions of other users.
Tagging posts is a great way to ensure people find your company on LinkedIn. Using tags relevant to the content of the post, or the industry etc., will increase the likelihood of somebody finding your posts when they are searching.
Take advantage of SEO capabilities. Use keywords in your company’s description. You might find it most beneficial to do so at the beginning of your description, and this is what Google previews in search results.
Keep Relevant
After you make your company page, you need to stay active. Let people know what your company is doing. Posting new content is the best way to do this. Use LinkedIn to post updates about what your company is doing, and posts which link to blog posts on your website.
By remaining active on LinkedIn, you remain top of mind for your prospects.
Taking it one step further, engage with your network. It is important that you engage with the online conversation in your industry. Using LinkedIn Groups is a great way to engage in conversation with your target market. This can give your company insight into specific topics of interest, or questions your target market has, that you may be able to solve. You can then use this information to help you decide what content to deliver on LinkedIn, that your audience will find valuable.
Use other media types
Use alternative forms of media, rather than just text, to deliver content which is more engaging to your audience.
Images and infographics grab the attention of your audience quickly, and can provide more traffic to your website when linked. Not only are infographics a great way to visually present messages, they have higher chance of being shared compared to other media types.
Other mediums to consider using are short videos (2 minutes max.), as these hold the attention of the audience longer, and SlideShare, with the ability to link specific presentations into your posts.
Your Competition
You can use LinkedIn to keep watch on your competition. LinkedIn allows you to see updates, who they are following and who they’re engaging with, so take advantage of that!
You’ll also be able to see who follows, and is engaging with them, which can give you insight into expanding your target market, with the potential of discovering a segment of the market you hadn’t previously targeted.