What cloud and mobile technology can do for your small business

Cloud: The Power Behind Financials for Office 365

Every small business faces the challenge of wanting to do as much as possible with a limited set of resources, whether it’s time, money or manpower. 

​That’s one of the reasons we developed Financials for Office 365. We saw the gap in the market for a cloud accounting solution that had powerful capabilities and affordable price.

We were able to deliver a product with a SMB friendly price tag thanks to cloud technology. By using the cloud, small business don’t have the need to foot costly upfront hardware investment, or the continual costs of IT management. 

What Cloud Can Do For Your Business?

​Cloud can make your business more productive:
By hosting your business data on the cloud, it means you can access it anywhere, anytime with any device with an internet connection. With the Financials for Office 365 web, mobile and tablet apps, you simply log-in and then have your real time business data at your fingertips regardless if you are in the office, or the warehouse or on the couch at home. 

Cloud can help you reduce costs: 
With a cloud subscription service like Financials for Office 365, you pay-as-you-go for the resources you use. That makes budgeting easier, but it also frees up valuable office space and can help cut down on travel costs. By communicating through phone and video conferencing like Skype for Business and sharing work documents in Office 365, team members can collaborate and communicate effectively without the need for travel.

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