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Customer Discounts Overview Video

An easy to follow and step by step video overview on the customer discounts overview function with the Financials for Office 365 Lite Edition. 

Assigning customers to discount groups makes it easy to set up sales line discounts that depend on the customer who buys the item.

You set up sales line discounts in the Sales Line Discounts window. Various types can be set up where the individual price is determined by the date, currency, or customer discount group, or a combination of all three. It is not necessary to set up discount groups in order to have sales line discounts, but you can do it if the item price depends on the customer group. The program uses the Customer Discount Group table to keep track of the different sales line discounts.

With the Customer Discount Group table, you assign a code to each customer discount group. When you enter the discount group code in the Sales Line Discount table, the program will copy the information from the Customer Discount Group table to the corresponding fields in the Sales Line Discount table.

You can enter them on customer cards or sales documents such as quotes or invoices. When an item is sold, if the sales document contains a discount group code, the program will check to see whether this item has a special discount or condition defined for the customer discount group specified.

To use customer discount groups, you must also complete the Sales Line Discount table.