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What are the differences between a web client, a windows client and the tablet app?

Financials offers you three ways to access the application:

The web client gives you 99% of the functionality of the windows client. The web client is 100% HTML based, allowing you to access the application on any device with a web browser. 

The windows client gives you 100% access to all of the functionality of the application. It is particularly useful for system administration and setting up the software. The windows client can be downloaded to any device with a windows-based operating system such as laptops or surface tablets. The super user in your business can have access to the windows client, while the majority of your employees have access via the web client. Alternatively, the windows client can be used by employees in locations where there is poor internet connectivity or where the business requires the user interface to load instantaneously. Unlike cloud only applications where the internet browser has to load the entire website page and from page to page, the windows client is already installed on your device. Therefore, you no longer need to rely on the internet to load the page. This is a huge advantage of Financials against many of its competition. 

The tablet client is even more user friendly when used on tablet devices. The buttons and text fields are bigger for excellent touch typing. 


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