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Dimensional Tagging

Know where your funds are going using customisable tags that can be placed on customers, items, expenses, invoices, line items on those invoices, and more. With this automated, you can easily view real-time reports on the health and performance of your business.

Budgets & Forecasting

Present information effectively by showing how well your business has performed compared to a budget or period. Drill down to understand the cause of problems to make better decisions for the future.

Multi-Company & Consolidated Reporting

Have multiple companies in the same database with no added cost to your subscription price. Incorporate inter-company transactions between your business units and have proportional consolidated reporting on multiple entities in multiple-currencies.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Generate a cash flow forecast to visualise the short-term stability of your business. This tool generates with ease in a worksheet sourced from your general ledger, purchasing, sales and services, fixed assets and even live budgets in the system. When happy publish the results on your dashboard.

Accounts Receivable

Your entire sales process can be easily tracked, from the initial quote through to the order and invoicing of your customers. The ability to create templates for common orders is available, as well as the creation of discounts based on item groups or a periodic basis. The payment of invoices is a simple process of applying what has been paid and posting it.

Accounts Payable

The Purchasing Process can be as straight-forward or complex as your business requirements are. Whether you are simply creating purchase invoices on a recurring monthly basis to vendors, or utilizing drop shipments for your organisation, the purchasing process incorporating quotes, orders and invoices has EFT functionality available out-of-the-box

Add Customers

Add customer details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, payment details, discounts, bank accounts, and add notes. See payments due, payments history and transactions by period reports.

Add Vendors

Add vendor details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, bank accounts, invoicing and payment details, and currency code. See payables owed and payment history reports.

Sales Prices & Discounts

Plan ahead and create sales prices for your customers and customer groups that can hold individual prices for items to hold multiple price books. Also generate discounts by percentage linked to particular customers, customer groups and even items and item groups.

Payments to Vendors

Keep your payables to your suppliers in order with the ability to account for different currencies from your suppliers.

Make Offers

Create a sales quote where you offer products on negotiable terms before converting the quote to a sales order and then an invoice. Ability to copy document lines from another sales document or copy a sales invoice to quickly create similar document.

Purchase Discounts

Manage negotiated discounts from your suppliers based on minimum quantity, unit of measures and more.


Receivables Approval Workflows

Incorporate your approvals workflows in Financials  with approval amount limits specific to each user. Request approval for posting and notify an approver in the system who can approve, reject even delegate the request to another user all on your phone.

Multiple Ship to Addresses

Allow your customers to decide which addresses they would like their goods to be delivered.

Managed your Sales Contacts

Using the internal CRM, you can manage sales opportunities, send email campaigns, make segmentations, and create to-dos to assign to salespeople or the entire sales team.

Drop Shipments

Allow for the shipment of goods purchased from a supplier to be delivered direct to your customer.

Purchase Products

Create a purchase invoice to record your agreement with a vendor to buy goods on specific delivery and payment terms or create a purchase invoice from all or selected lines on a sales invoice. Option to insert recurring purchase lines such as for monthly replenishment order.

Payables Approval Workflows

Incorporate your approvals workflows in Financials for Office 365 with approval amount limits specific to each user. Request approval for posting and notify an approver in the system who can approve, reject even delegate the request to another user all on your phone.

Add Items

Add items and specify their unit of measures (e.g. piece, kilo, pack, hour), costing method (e.g. LIFO, FIFO, Standard, Average), unit cost and price. View your current stock levels and transaction history.

Item Availability

Easily provide availability of your inventory across various locations and by multiple methods, see availailbity by transactions, or by item. 

Item Variants & Substitutions

Link Items with the same (or similar) characteristics, so that if a customer orders an item which is unavailable, you can offer a substitute item.

Serial and Lot Numbers

Assign serial and lot numbers manually or automatically.

Landed Cost

Essential for a business wanting to track freight time and charges for shipments from overseas. See expected arrival date, bill of lading number and more.

Reorder Policies

Allow for streamlined logical planning for your Inventory with reordering policies and minimum and maximums levels. Even bulk create replenishment of your inventory through a worksheet.

Multi Company

Multiple Companies

Easily move between companies within the same database.  One subscription price for multiple companies.

Intercompany Transactions

Buy and sell between your companies as well as split the bills between multiple entities using the inbox and outbox feature.


Combine your business into one company that can report on the full health of your portfolio of companies.


Bill of Materials

Create bill of materials on a granular basis with the ability to have multiple levels whilst also calculating for the time and cost to build.

Capacity Planning

Ensure that capacities from work centres are accounted for when planning for materials and more.

Full Production Status Processing

Manage every stage of manufacturing through the production order types, include simulation for cost quoting, planed and firm planned for manufacturing placeholders, released for production on the manufacturing floor and finished for statistical review of costs and wastage. 

Communicate Production Plans

Transform suggested planning lines to Supply Orders; Purchase, Transfer, or Production, and notify the warehouse to pick components. Have production work seamlessly with all your other modules. 

Apply Master Planning & Demand Forecasting

Prepare an overall plan that reflects anticipated purchasing, transfer, and production all through the Master Plan Schedule. Even include  projected sales sourced from sales forecasting.

Perform Material Requirements Planning

Transform suggested planning lines to supply orders; purchase, transfer, or production, and notify the warehouse to pick components.

Jobs and Project Costing

Produce, Copy & Manage Projects

Create jobs that involve use of man hours,  machine hours, inventory items, and other types of usage that you want to keep track of. Configure Projects with the familiar feel of Excel and use every Job as a template for future projects. You can also use this functionality for many types of services and consultancy tasks.

Job Tasks and Planning Lines

Structure a job to match your business practices and design the project to provide fixed price progress claims, variation claims and time and material billing. Schedule for your man hours and consumable materials with planning lines to track usage. Using this  functionality will provide a good overview, not only of individual jobs, but also of the allocation of employees, machinery and other resources being used in all projects.

Manage Job Pricing & Budgets

Provide project specific pricing for resources, resource groups, consumables and other types of usage. While maintaining budgets for the project as a whole, or by individual task and planning line. You are even able to manage cost forecasts on the individual line level to ensure projects run efficiently.

Monitor Progress and Performance

Record usage on a project and monitor the consumption of materials, resources and other expenses through Work In Progress. Calculate the method of WIP for posting to the general ledger for a project as Cost Value, Sales Value, Recognisable Cost, Percentage of Completion and even Completed Contract.

Utilise Timesheets

Integrate time sheets for resources to schedule for both machine and man hours into your projects. You can fill in the timesheets which populate your projects for vic versa eliminating double entry and manual processes. Even incorporate an approval workflow to the Timesheets entered with the ability to approve and reject.

Manage Project Supplies & Invoice Jobs

Generate Purchase Orders to have direct ties to a job or produce the PO directly from the planning lines with a project with one click ease. Even reconfigure existing purchase orders. Then produce customer invoices from within the job lines and review the profitability from the project's expected, average and actual expenses and revenue.

Fixed Assets


Be able to account for a fixed asset losing or gaining value using methods like straight-line, while being able to view easily the history of that fixed asset. With multiple books for example both tax and company depreciation.


Account for the disposal of a fixed asset or its movement from one company or location to the next.


Record maintenance and service expenses for a fixed asset as well as tracking insurance for it to make decisions on when to dispose or sell a fixed asset.

Service Management

Configure Service Processes

Establish your service management, including fault codes,  policies, default documents and templates. All this designed for repair management as well as field service to complex customer service distribution systems, industrial service environments with bills of materials, and high volume dispatching of service technicians with requirements for spare parts management. 

Provide Effective Service

Generate Service Items, Quotes, Orders and Service Invoices all designed to coordinate your resources and system for pricing, warranties, orders, service personnel dispatch, and job scheduler. You can even monitor all these service tasks progress and individual task status from one central location to overview your service delivery.

Fulfil Service Contracts

Setup service contracts with customers through templates for ease of use. Provide proactive and reactive maintenance through these contracts, even establish contract specific pricing and allow for price adjustments on a periodic basis. Through the service contracts you can provide quotes, estimates and bulk create service invoices for your customers.

Handle Customer Inquiries

Provide personnel standardised Q&A forms for customer support calls and receive customer requests for service leading to service orders. You can provide Customers loaners while their items are under repair and provide fine-tune pricing details on service items.

Deliver Service

Finalise service details , provide your service to your customer and account for it all with ease while on-site.  You may implement a discounting policy, and create route maps for service employees who record their service results effectively through their phone. Service technicians could even generate service invoices through a mobile device to their customers.

Utilise Timesheets

Integrate time sheets for resources to schedule for both machine and man hours into your service orders. You can have your timesheets populated from service orders and sent for approval to a timesheet admin user.


Design Warehouse Processes

Define the rules and values of warehouse processes and handling of goods at specific locations to match your business processes. Each location can have simplistic handling of goods plus straight forward shipping and receiving of inventory. While more demanding situations can have a solutions with designated users.

Configure Multi-Location Movements

Account for multiple warehouses within your organisation and establish the methods and agents of transportation between those locations. This provides you with greater accuracy when providing promised delivery times and suggested lead times to your customers.

Manage Bins and Zones

Bins represent the basic warehouse structure you can utilise providing suggestions for the placement of items within your warehouse. This combined with defined sections of your warehouse for Adjustment Bulk Storage Zone, Picking Zone, Production & Inspection plus Receiving then Shipping and finally Staging Zones. Even establish Cross-Docking

Create Warehouse Activities

Design your database for warehouse activities  specific to each location  such as putting items away, moving items inside or between warehouses, and picking items for assembly, production, or shipment.

Create Stockkeeping Units

Define storage and planning rules for each item specific to a warehouse. This could include location specific replenishment; specific pricing and costing, even specific shelf and variant numbers. All the while maintaining the original item information on the surface. This provides you to tools to even further define your inventory specifically to your location's context.

Cycle Counting

Structure your warehouse to have different cycle counting of your inventory based on the higher turnover items so that your physical inventory levels match your system's projected amount. Control this with ease and even make the required adjustments mobile with tablet devices.

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